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1939 Beach Daphne Harrell

Early photos of Daphne are rare
this is one of the earliest
taken about 1939 in England
She was about 17 in this photo.

Daphne 1938-38 Standing overlooking river
Early photo of Daphne about 1939 or 1940
in England - she is about 17 or 18
1940 Brown B&W Daphne Harrell
Another early photo
this was taken about 1940
she was about 19
1940 Radar Group England Daphne Harrell
Daphne (bottom right) was trained
to use England's early form of radar.
She is pictured here with
her 'radar group' in about 1940.
1940s Daphne Harrell in uniform
Another photo of Daphne during the war.
Apparently she watched her pilot
boyfriend die during an air show.
The affection displayed in this photo
suggest this may have been him.
1941 Portrait of Daphne Harrell
A portrait photo taken in 1941.
At about 20 she is clearly boasting
her classic beauty.
1953 Daphne and Shaun
31 year old Daphne holding Shaun
born earlier in the year 1953
1955 Daphne and Karen @ 6½
1955 Daphne holding Karen
at 6 and ½ months old
1956 Daphne Harrell & Wilson dancing on Queen Elisabeth
Daphne and Wilson dancing in 1956
on their voyage to the USA
on the RMS Queen Elizabeth
1956 Daphne & Wilson Harrell dancing on the Queen Eizabeth
1956 Daphne & Wilson dress for an evening
of dancing & dinner on the RMS Queen Elisabeth
1956 Daphne & Wilson arriving in NYC
Daphne and Wilson arriving in NYC
in 1956 with Shaun
1957 Daphne & Wilson in Alma Georgia
1957 Daphne & Wilson arriving in Alma Georgia
(where Wilson grew-up) with Shaun & Niki
1958 Daphne Alvina and Niki
Daphne holding Niki with Wilson's
mother Alvina (Alvia) in Alma GA
1958 Daphne And Wilson with Alvia and Shaun
Daphne & Wilson in Alma in 1958
with Alvia (or Alvina) Wilson's mom & Shaun
1958 Daphne with Shaun Niki and Karen
A portrait of 37 year old Daphne in 1958
with Shaun, Niki and Karen
1958 Daphne and Wilson in Italy
Daphne & Wilson on the beach
in Italy in 1958
1959 Family Portrait in Frankfurt
A 1958 family portrait from the
living room of our home in Frankfurt
Shaun, Karen, Wilson, Niki, Mark, Daphne
1958 Daphne Laughing in Frankfurt
1958 Daphne laughing in the
living room of the home in Frankfurt
1958 Daphne Home in Frankfurt
Another 1958 photo of Daphne in
the Frankfurt living room
1958 Daphne in House in Frankfurt
1958 - 37 year old Daphne in her
Frankfurt home
1958 Daphne Holding Mark
1958 Daphne holding Mark in Frankfurt
1958 Daphne Lifting Mark
1958 Daphne holding Mark in Frankfurt
1959 Daphne with Wilson & Osmah & Famlies
Christmas in Jacksonville Florida 1959
on the steps of Osmah & Margaret's home
Mary Jane, John, Margaret, William, Daphne, James
Osmah, Alvina, Wilson
Karen, Niki, Shaun, Mark
Daphne in 1965 at her Sasco River La Homein Southport CN
Daphne in 1965 standing in front of her home
on Sasco River Lane in Southport CT
Dec 1960 Daphne''s Family in Southport
Family portrait in December 1960
in the living room of Southport home
Niki, Karen, Daphne, Mark, Wilson, Shaun
1960 Southport steps Eddie, German nurse, Mark, Karen, Niki, Daphne, Shaun,
1965 Daphne on the front steps of her
Sasco River La. home in Southport CT
Eddie, Karen, Niki, Daphne, Shaun
German Nurse, Mark
Oct 1960 Daphne on Beach on Long Island Sound Southport
Oct 1960 beach on Long Island Sound
Daphne, Mark, Karen, Niki, Shaun, Eddie
1964 Daphne with Shaun Niki Karen and Mark
A 1964 family portrait from the living
room of our home in Southport Connecticut
Niki, Mark, Shaun, Casper, Daphne, Karen
1964 Daphne in evening dress for Military Wife of the Year Event
A classic beauty! Taken in 1964
Daphne in an evening dress for
the Military Wife of the Year campaign
1966 Daphne & Wilson Harrell in Hawaii
1966 Daphne & Wilson in Hawaii
on one of several trips with
Art & Lois Linkletter promoting
the Military Wife of the Year
1967 Mary Jane & Larry's wedding with Daphne
Larry & Mary Jane's Wedding in 1967
Niki, Wilson, Mary Jane, Larry, Daphne, Shaun
1968 Manitou Rd home in Wesport CT
In 1968 the family moved into this 7,000 SF home
on the mouth of the Saugatuck River in Westport
designed by famed local architect Larry Michaels
1968 Margaret, Osmah, Darsie, Alvina, Wilson & Daphne

1968 at Osmah's home in Jacksonville Florida
The two bothers (Wilson & Osmah) with their
wives flanking their mother & aunt
Margaret, Osmah, Darsie, Alvina, Wilson, Daphne

1969 Daphne Sking Alpine Medows
Daphne Skiing at Alpine Meadows in 1969
A condo overlooking Lake Tahoe near the base
of the mountain served as the anchor
for frequent family skiing trips
1960x Niki Karen Daphne Mark Shaun
Family Portrait in Westport home
Niki, Karen, Daphne, Mark, Shaun
1969 Miss Harrell 45' Hattaras
In the late 1960s Wilson bought
a 45-foot Hatteras rigged for sport fishing,
eventually she was moored at the Jupiter
inlet with Capt. Paul Higbee standing ready for
frequent family and business cruises
1969 Daphne in Bimini
Daphne in 1969 in Bimini
standing beside the 'Bimini Gal' seaplane
just landed from the short trip (192 miles) from
Florida. Capt. Paul has the Hatteras waiting!
Christmas 1969 Daphne
with daughters Karen and Niki
1971 Daphne with Shaun at Riverside
1971 Daphne with Shaun
at Riverside Military Academy
in Gainsville GA.
1973 Daphne & Wilson with Shaun
at Riverside Military Academy
Graduation in Gainsville GA.
Mid-1970s Daphne Harrell in her Jacksonville home
Mid-1970s in the living room of her
Jacksonville FL home
Mid-1970s Family on Dock at 9980 Scott Mill
Daphne's family Mid-1970s on the dock
in front of the sprawling Jacksonville estate
Mid-1970s Family on Dock Close-up
Daphne's family Mid-1970s on the dock
Shaun, Wilson, Daphne, Karen, Mark, Niki
Mid-1970s Daphne's family in Jacksonville dining room
A family portrait in the Mid-1970s in
the dining room on the Scott Mill estate.
Daphne and Niki in the Mid-1970s
on the front lawn of the Scott Mill home
1977 Daphne and Shaun Jacksonville University Graduation
1977 Daphne and Shaun at his graduation
from Jacksonville University
1980 Thanksgiving Daphne's family in Jacksonville
Thanksgiving 1980 in Jacksonville FL
Shaun, Sasha, Daphne, Wilson, Brooke, Mark
1970s Daphne by the fireplace with commissioned wall art
Daphne was a patron of the arts and in the
mid-1970s she commissioned a decorative "art
fabric" to hang over the oversized fireplace
in her Jacksonville home
Daphne and Wilson in the den watching TV.
In the evenings the family would all gather
to watch TV & chat - including Daphne's
two English bulldogs that loved to fart
Daphne relaxing in living room
Daphne relaxing in a comfortable
old wicker chair In her living room
March 1983 Daphne and Shaun
March 1981 Daphne talking with
Shaun at his home on Old River Rd
March 1980 Daphne holding Sasha with Chuck Kingsbury
March 1981 Daphne holding Sasha on
her first birthday with Chuck Kingsbury
March 1981 Daphne with Wilson and Chuck Kingsbury
1981 Daphne with Wilson & Chuck Kingsbury
Sept 1980 Daphne holding Sasha
Sept 1980 Daphne holding her
new granddaughter Sasha
1980s Back porch Wilson Betty Chuck Brooke Mark Daphne
The riverfront estate was great for entertaining
and was home to lots of parties large & small
the oversized back patio was the gathering
spot for afternoon tea & evening cocktails
Wilson, Betty, Chuck, Brooke, Mark, Daphne
July 1983 Daphne feeding Brandon
Sept 1983 Daphne feeding her
9 month old grandson, Brandon
April 1983 Daphne Easter egg hunt
A backyard Easter egg hunt in April 1983
Brooke, Sasha, Daphne, Shannon, Brandon, Mervin
1985 Family Dinner in Jacksonville
Family dinner in Jacksonville in 1985
Sasha, Shaun, Linda, Wilson, Mark, Brooke, Karen
the photographer is Daphne
1988 Daphne's Grandchilderen Sasha Brandon Carley Troy Mattie
Daphne's grandchildren in 1988
Sasha, Brandon, Carley, Troy, Mattie
1997 Daphne's Condo Consuela Daphne Eva Shaun
An evening at Daphne's condo in 1997
to enjoy a visit from Eva and her mother
Consuela visiting from Madrid
Consuela, Daphne, Eva, Shaun
1998 Whole family in the keys
1998 Daphne's whole family in the Florida keys
Sambo, Karen
Niki, Carley, Brandon, Daphne, Xavier, Sasha
Mark, Elisabeth, Troy, Shaun
Dillon, Mattie
1990s Daphne at the Grand Canyon
Daphne's adventured to many places on
her own. With the exception of Antarctica she
visited every content. This is a photo she had
taken on her solo trip to the Grand Canyon
1999 Daphne and Mark at dinner in Fernandina
Daphne's joking with Mark
at dinner in Fernandina Beach
1999 Family Dinner at Shaun's
house on Laura Leigh Ct, Fernandina
Shaun, Elisabeth, Daphne, Karen, Brandon, Mark
1999 Daphne in Charleston
Daphne in Charleston in 1999
Feb 2002 Daphne and her children
Feb 2002 Daphne and her children
Karen, Daphne, Mark, Niki, Shaun
Feb 2002 Daphne Niki Sasha
Feb 2002 Daphne with Niki and Sasha
2002 Daphne playing with Sabastian
2002 Daphne playing with Xaivier
2002 Daphne talking to Sabastian
2002 Daphne talking with Xaivier
Feb 2002 Daphne's family in Charleston
Feb 2002 Daphne's family
Karen, Mark, Elisabeth, Sasha
Xavier, Dillon, Sambo, Shaun
Carley, Sebastian, Niki, Daphne, Troy, Mattie
June 2002 Daphne with Eva
June 2002 Daphne with Eva at the
front door of her Big Tree Terrace condo
May 2002 Daphne at Sasha's UF Gaduation
May 2002 Daphne with Sasha at her
graduation form University of Florida
2002 Daphne laughing with Mervin
May 2002 Daphne laughing with Mervin
at Sasha's apartment in Gainsville
May 2002 Daphne and Mark
May 2002 Daphne with Mark
at Sasha's apartment in Gainsville
011 April 23 Easter Party at Karens
April 23, 2011 Daphne and her children
on Karen's porch in Charleston for Easter
2011 April 23 Daphnec and her children
April 23, 2011 Daphne and her children
on Karen's porch in Charleston for Easter
July 4, 2011 Daphne laughing
during a cruise on Cat Inn Around
2011-07-02 July 4th - Boat Trip
July 4, 2011 Daphne laughing in the salon
during a cruise on Cat Inn Around
2012 Daphne at Karen's Wedding in Charleston
Easter 2012 - Daphne with the bride & groom
& Butch's mom at Karen's surprise wedding
during the annual Charleston-Easter gathering
Daphne, Karen, Butch, Pat
2012 July 20 Daphne's New 'dew'
2012 July - Daphne's new 'Dew'
2012 Oct Daphne at Patriots Point
Oct 2012 Daphne walking with Karen
at Patriot's Point in Charleston
2012 Aug 17 Happy hour with Karen & Niki
2012 Aug 17 happy hour at The Palms
with Karen and Niki
2013 February 14 Valintines Day
February 14 2013 Valentines Day
flowers from Butch and Karen
at The Palms in Charleston
2014 Three Generations Daphne Niki Carley
April 2014 Three Generations
Daphne, Niki, Carley
2014 Daphne Promoted to Great Grandmother
2014 Daphne holding a sign
"promoted to Great Grandmaws"
Daphne has three Great Grandchildren:
Hadley, Maggie and Oliver
2015 April Easter in Charleston Daphne and her children
April 2015 Easter at The Palms
Daphne and her children
Mark, Karen, Niki, Shaun
2015 Christmas Party at The Palms Karen & Lynn Dearing
Christmas 2015 at The Palms
Karen, Lynn Dearing, Daphne
Lynn has been an exceptional caregiver
2016 ·March 27 Easter in Charleston Daphne's Family
March 27, 2016 Easter in Charleston
Daphne's Family
Jim, Carley, Jennifer, Maggie, Butch, Diane, Mark, Sam, Niki, Karen,
Oliver, Sasha, Patricia, Shaun, Brandon, Hadley, Mattie, Troy
2016-05-21 Daphne's Birthday
May 21, 2016 Daphne's 94th Birthday
party at The Palms with Karen & Lynn
2016-05-21 Daphne's Birthday with Karen.
May 21, 2016 Daphne's Birthday celebration with Karen
2016 ·March 27 Easter in Charleston Daphne's Family
March 27, 2016 Easter in Charleston
Daphne's Family
Matt, Carley, Jennifer, Maggie, Butch, Diane, Mark, Sam, Niki, Karen,
Oliver, Sasha, Patricia, Shaun, Brandon, Hadley, Mattie, Troy

Daphne A. Harrell’s Eulogy

by: Niki Harrell

Daphne was born in Warwickshire, England on May 21, 1922. She was just 17 when WWII began and she enlisted as a WAAF. She learned to drive a jeep and was sent on scouting missions to find enemy airplanes and report back their locations to command headquarters. Daphne also used England’s early radar to help identify German planes crossing English Channel.

Daphne met Wilson Harrell during WWII and they married and had 4 children. She and Wilson moved stateside in 1959, settling for a short time in Alma Georgia, Wilson’s home town. They soon moved to Southport Connecticut. In the mid 1960s they built a home in Westport Connecticut on the mouth of the Saugatuck River. They live there until 1970 when they moved to Florida. Daphne lived in Jacksonville Florida until 2012 when the family finally got Daphne to move to Charleston, SC where she passed away on February 22, 2017 at the ripe old age of 94!

Daphne was a very strong and caring woman. She worked hard at being a perfect corporate wife. She helped Wilson grow his commissary food brokerage business to one of the largest, if not the largest military food brokerage business in the 1970’s.

Daphne worked tirelessly hosting parties and traveling all over the world. She helped pioneer the Military Wives of the Year Club. She joined the Harvard Business Club traveling all over the world. She had a large network of friends:

Floyd and Sadie Harper
Celeste and Ed Jared
Jack and Jackie Phillips
Anita and Leroy Hemingway
Ollie and Jan Matson
Suenell Harrell
Consuelo, Eva’s mom
Marilyn and Bobby Hardage
And dear dear Osmah & Margaret Harrell

I think back to Mom’s dear friends and I have to laugh. Karen reminded me of a story of Jan Matson, standing in the dog’s water bowl, having a very serious conversation with Karen.

Mom was an avid Mahjong player and hosted many a Wednesday afternoon Mahjong luncheon. She also was a faithful tennis player and played at least once a week at Deerwood Country Club.

Mom traveled back and forth to Georgia to meet and eventually care for both Floyd and Sadie. She loyally visited Jackie and Suenell weekly. Together Mom and I visited Robert Hardage the week before he passed away.

Mom was a member of the Garden Club for over 25 years. She worked diligently for the National Society of Arts and Letters, an organization that aims in promoting and assisting young artists in all disciplines of the arts up until the age of 29. Mom volunteered for this organization for over 25 years and she sat on the board as the financial planner.

I think Mom’s true love was raising her “English Bulldogs” We had Lady, Jason and Mr. Pip. Of course when her Bulldogs passed away she was so happy when Marc gave her little Boris, a dachshund. Mom became quite the lover of cats when her dogs were gone. Mom always named her cats Pussy Cat, for convenience of course!

I feel like everyone came away with a little of Mom, stubbornness, determination, devotion, loyalty, fairness, caring, love of life, love of children, love of gardening, I still envision Mom driving around on a tractor on Scott Mill road and planting her famous Mondo grass. I have a life time of memories of Mom. When we lived in Southport, CT I would love to get up on Saturday mornings and watch my favorite TV cartoons and shows, Adam Ant, Mighty Mouse, Sky King etc. Mom would make me turn off the TV at noon and go outside and play. Not for just an hour of play but all day. We would go down to the creek and she would say “ now don’t take off your shoes” When we came back up from the creek she would catch us every time carrying our shoes trying to tiptoe past her.

Mom visited me and stayed with me after everyone of my births and when Maddie was in Hospital. If she couldn’t make it up to where I was in NJ, she would call me faithfully every morning to check in and see how we were doing.

Dear Uncle Doc (Osmah Harrell) once said, maybe more than once, the best thing Wilson ever did was bring Mom into this family.

Those we love don’t go away
They walk beside us everyday,
Unseen, unheard, but always near,
Still love, still missed and very dear.

We love you Mom!

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